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Five Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Five Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Let us talk about the blogging mistakes we commonly make and how can we avoid them.

1. Write what your customer wants to hear:

Most of the time, we tend to write what we are passionate about and not what our audience wants to hear. When we do that in a way, we limit our target audience. Hence it is crucial to choose a topic which your audience can identify with.

2. Don’t sell the product; sell the benefits of the products:

When your audience thinks your only motive is to sell the products, they somehow lose interest straight away. Hence it would help if you focused more on the benefits than on the product itself to make your audience interested.

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3. Target your customer segment carefully:

It is very vital to keep the segment of people in mind while you write. What profession is your audience, what they like, what is their age group? These are a few of the essential things you need to take account of while choosing the theme of your blogs.

3.1. Keep it simple:

Sometimes bloggers end up using such difficult words and language that the audience cannot understand the content and lose interest. It is crucial to keep the language of your content simple, based on the segment you are targeting.

3.2 Be consistent :

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers can make is not being consistent. If you are doing regular blogs and then suddenly, for weeks, don’t publish anything, people lose interest. It impacts your audience base, and a static social media page can lose its followers very quickly.

3.3 Choose the frequency of your posts carefully:

Too many or too few social media interactions with your audience can impact your social media presence. Based on your audience, choose the frequency of your posts carefully. There is no ideal frequency, yet you need to keep an eye on your blogging results to decide what frequency works the best for you.

Here is some correlation between blogging frequency and desired results
More than daily 68.8%
Daily: 62.5%
Two to Six times a week: 42.45%
Weekly: 32%
Several times a month: 23.1%
Monthly: 17.5%
Less than monthly: 12.9%

(Source: Marketinginsider group)

With the popularity of online platforms, blogging has become an essential part of all businesses. It can help you build relationships with your audience and clients.

It is a new way to reach out to your customers, increase visibility, and eventually grow your business. Through blogging, you can build awareness of your brand and attract new customers, and it can even help develop a strong bond with your audience.


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