"We don’t want to be something for everybody, we want to be everything for some people."

– Carlos Ghosn

Founder & Head of Content

Hi, My name is Vibha S Kapil, and I live in a small picturesque village in Essex, England, with my two boys Arnav and Angad and an equally loud dog Sparky. Having lived in India most of my life, I moved to the UK about 13 years ago. Though I do miss my family and friends, yet surrounded by equally friendly and loving people, it feels like home now.

When I am not writing, you will find me cooking, dancing in the kitchen with my boys with loud music on or out for long walks with Sparky.

Being in a family where both my mum and sister are brilliant cooks, I sometimes feel the pressure but can assure you I write better than I cook!!

I love poetry, music and anything which involves the two. Having tried my hands at violin and then giving it up during Pandemic, I do plan to resume it someday.

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